Leeds Market

Our Leeds market shop was our first permanent home, located on fish row in the beautiful Victorian market hall. It was originally a game and poultry shop called Kitchen’s, who were an established business in the market for over 100 years.

We get fresh deliveries everyday of fish from all over the globe and here we sell the widest variety of exotic fish including, red snapper, grouper, blue swimming crabs, pomfrets, tuna and swordfish, which Kyle will be more than happy to prepare, whether it just cleaning, filleting or even butterflying.

We also sell a great selection of wild line caught local fish such as codlings, whiting, whole lemon sole, turbot many, many more. We pride ourselves on the freshness of our day boat caught fish, we often get mackerel and dover sole that have only been out of the ocean for a few hours delivered straight to our shop.

Our market shop may only be small, but boy do we make the most of the space. We sell the largest variety of seafood here, everything from live crabs and lobsters right down to fish offcuts, bones and heads, perfect for homemade stock or soup, which we can guarantee will taste better than any shop bought product. So come on down and see us on fish row in Leeds Kirkgate Market.

You can contact our Leeds Market shop direct on 0113 2433100.