Positioned in the heart the market place, our Wetherby shop opened at the end of January 2017 and has enjoyed getting to know all the locals and new regulars since the launch.

This shop, is different from the other two sites as a fishmonger already existed on the same premises for over 20 years. Martin and Sheila Lawler, well known for their superb quality fish served Wetherby all this time and finally decided to sell their business late 2016.

Like our Chapel Allerton shop Wetherby features a wide range of filleted wild fish such as halibut, haddock, plaice, lemon sole and cod. We also include exotic lines such as tuna, swordfish, sea bass, tiger prawns and red snapper.

Most days we have a wide variety of smoked salmon and haddock, plenty of freshly prepared shellfish and also specials such as samphire grass and Colchester oysters. Also, like our other shops we pride ourselves on our beautiful Scottish salmon fillet, available portioned, whole and as full sides.

You can contact our Wetherby shop direct on 01937 585097.